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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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1. listen to your customer. they are emailing you. not calling you. there is a reason and that might make you uncomfortable. success requires one to live outside their comfort zone.

2. instead of calling them, email them to thank them for their enquiry and seek permission to call them to discuss for 10 – 13 mins. it proves that you are courteous, organised and you also value YOUR time (13 mins).

3. if they say “send me everything”. it’s a time waster but you can salvage this by saying that you have too much to send. what are the 3 areas that they are focusing now because you only send our customised information.

if you have some money to invest consider scott hallman. at the very least, sign up for his free newsletter which has more content than most paid newsletters.

work on creating that generates you so much leads that you dont have time to call or meet them and if you have to, it’s no more than 15mins.

this might come across as arrogant to those who are inexperienced but what would you do if you could not call or meet your prospect? this is what top internet marketers have mastered. they sell high priced items without ever knowing who bought them.

BranchingOut, post: 102337 wrote:
Hi All,

To date when I receive an email sales enquiry, I am the type of person to give to person a quick call (if details provided) before replying to their email. This gives me a feel for what exactly their requirements are and for them to get a feel for me (and hence our organisation).

Lately though, when employing this same tactic many people have just been saying “just put everything in an email”. I am not a fan of just doing this off the bat, because I think that something is gained through discussion.

I am just wondering what everyone else does! Am I over thinking this??