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Thanks Wendy… So it’s not a requirement from the ATO and for auditing purpose to have it consecutive numbering for the invoices..

Most invoicing systems that I’ve seen so far doesn’t allow me have a consecutive quote and invoice numbering.

For me to have a unique quote and invoice number I would need to manage two separate invoicing system which would be really annoying and time consuming..

Any other tips to better manage this guys??

Couple It, post: 102388 wrote:
This PDF on the ATO website shows what you must include on an invoice. While you will need to show an invoice number, there’s nothing that indicates it must be consecutive numbering.

But to make your system easier I would suggest you run separate numbers eg Q1, Q2 and I1, I2 etc. By the way, your quotes should be kept and any that are taken up, record the invoice number you used. Any that are “dead” need to be kept and noted that they weren’t taken up (I learnt this in an ATO audit)

Wendy :)