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Matt Rankin
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sellmyex, post: 102238 wrote:
Hi members,
I launched a website last year. It is an online classifieds (like Gumtree) although it targets people who have recently come from a failed relationship. So the aim for sellmyex is for users to sell unwanted goods (Free to list) and share the story behind the item. It is also used to sell unwanted gifts (from Christmas etc). So this classifieds isn’t about selling everything and anything.

People have shown interest in the concept, had a laugh and even purchased items for the site. But, I am having difficulty obtaining sellers. I would also like to get more followers on Facebook.

I was thinking perhaps a prize for the most creative listing (as in the story being told) or perhaps a “create the caption” contest on Facebook- but that doesn’t attract sellers only interest on F/B.

Any suggestions?

I’d go with a competition on the most creative listing, or most interesting/funny story. This will generate the most interest directly in your site. It’s one thing to create a buzz on Facebook/Twitter etc, but quite another to do it on your site.