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websitedesigner, post: 102429 wrote:
Hi guys I know there is probably a thread on this, I found a few similar including this one and this one but I’m thinking this topic is different enough to deserve a new thread.

For my next little ebook I’m going to write something on the top tech tools for small business owners.

When I think about tools I can’t live without and I would recommend I think about:

  • Skype
  • Google Apps or Gmail
  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • Xero

Anyone have opinions on others? These are all web based tools except for Skype but any tech tool would do. A lot of people say Macs have increased productivity, I’m new to my mac it’s good but I don’t think it would be in my top 5.

Lucid chart’s another one I love but probably not broad enough for all small businesses to want to know about.

Perhaps WordPress.

Evernote and Dropbox definitely.

I’m a big fan of mind mapping tools to organise thoughts so I’ll add Mindjet or another mind mapping tool (Freemind is a good free alternative for desktops).

Google Docs is good on PCs, but ironically (since it’s a Google product) the Android app is terrible. I find it better to use Dropbox + OpenOffice (Desktop) + Docs To Go (Android) for document editing.