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I was trying to post this in an older thread but I wasn’t allowed.
Since I’m still struggling to come to the GS1 terms, I’ll post it here:

I have finally found the time to give GS1 a call and I have been told that
for up to 5 products, the joining fee is $120 and I need 1 GTIN (Barcode) per 1 product and the annual fee for 5 product barcodes is $360.

If I need to have barcodes for 6 different products, the joining fee is $285 plus the annual fee of $528.

How on earth does a small business afford this kind of cost to receive literally nothing in return?

@CoupleIt: We had this discussion in the previous post… I’m still trying to work out how it is that you are so lucky to “pay $120 per year which gives me barcodes for up to five products”

I may need to call again and hope for someone else to answer the phone but I got not much hope…