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Hi Wendy,

Oh, if you have the same product in 5 different sizes, then you are right.
However, if you have 5 different products, like a body lotion, a face toner etc. then you do need a barcode for each.

I’m still trying to work out if I should stay clear of that expense (which I cannot afford at the moment) for now as I will start off selling on my website. The guy on the phone to GS1 said that not all retailers have the mandate of GS1 barcodes but if I wanted to sell to the big guys, they’d all ask for it.

Any thoughts on how you or anyone else would go about this? I know that I do eventually need to have GS1 barcodes. But at the moment, I have to also get Liability Insurance and a lot of our other insurances are due in Jan/Feb. So, if I could put the barcode expense off for about 6 month…
By then I might even have a name.

If anyone has an idea how I can find out about which retailer has the mandate of GS1 barcodes, please let me know.

I could always try the smaller retailers first and once my brand is established, I can still upgrade. Does that sound like a good plan to you?

Thanks guys! I always appreciate your feedback!