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Hi Wendy,

I have come across this page but never really paid attention to anything not related to GS1.

After having a proper look, it looks fairly good. Only issue/thought I’m having at the moment, is there a guarantee that the retailers I want to approach are accepting those barcodes? Because if not…

From the money aspect, they are not cheap. The only positive is the fact that there is no membership/annual fee involved but the price per barcode ($99 each or $69 if you buy 10+) is still relatively high.

I would need to do some calculations to see if it’s worth it.

I’ve been just looking through this site. They list a lot of products using their barcodes. I’d rather see a list of retailers accepting those barcodes or a list of brands. That would give us a much better idea of which retailers to approach etc.

Thanks for that Wendy!

Looking forward to other opinions on “Barcodes Australia” http://www.barcodesaustralia.com