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James Millar
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I’d say the big advantage of the USA is the scale of its private capital / funding market. Its so much less conservative and more mature than the Australian startup equity market (pretty much comes down to supply and demand for finance).

Americans have been running investment funds since the beginning of time there are massive opportunities there that simply doesn’t exist here. Case in point – we have an Australian client that specializes in certain tech product development and after many knock backs here (including government) they had a go at fundraising in the US. Within 12 months they had raised several million from one fund. Over there they have several large specialist investment funds specifically for this product whereas here no one would touch it (we have non existent support here for moderate risk longer payback financial models). We simply don’t have the scale to support specialist funds across all business niches.

This is my gripe against many of the local Y Combinator / incubator rip off models that are misleading aspiring Australian entrepreneurs into thinking that early stage capital is easy if you follow their path. Is simply untrue and 99% don’t get any money (which they find out after paying for 6 months of “co working” office space)

With the US keep in mind that with large economies and markets comes greater competition. There you would be competing against candidates from the best business schools in the world and all are chasing funding and support.

My view – If you have a better mouse trap then you will probably find success anywhere. The US is not an easier ride, just a different one.

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