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Hi Samantha,

Not wishing to contradict what other people have said on here, but perhaps to look at it from a sales perspective.

If people are saying to you ‘just put it in an email’ that generally means that it is either not that high on their priority list, or they are not the decision maker.

Lots of people these days do prefer communication via email, and that is fine, but often you create a better bond with a client in voice communication.

What you need to do is turn it around to be a benefit for them to talk to you.

I would be looking to introduce the call, in response to their email by explaining this:

‘Thanks for your email, I just wanted to give you a call to discuss your exact situation, as it can make it a lot easier for me to match our products to your needs, and as such make a more affordable solution’ – If someone then says just put it in an e-mail, you can explain that because of the number of available options, it is best to get a few details down. Then have a list (very small, maybe 4-5 questions) to get the details you need.

At this point, you will then have gone further than most of your competition, and can reflect your understanding when you do send through your tailored proposal.

Hope this helps some