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Because there’s nothing in writing, and it’s such a small amount of money, I’d recommend letting it go, learning from the experience, giving back the keys and focusing your energy on something else.

When I started out, because I was a little niave, I got burnt for similar amounts and then set out to make sure I got paid, I made phone calls, sent letters, hired debt collectors – but it was more so that I would feel like justice had been done than because I needed to money.

But doing all that just keeps the nasty thoughts at the front of your mind and makes you feel lousy. Much better to let it go, and then go to every effort to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

It was a larger amount it would be different. It’s kind of like the mini-bar principle; if someone takes 1 item from the mini-bar at a hotel without paying, they don’t bother chasing them up because it’s gonna cost more money and effort than just replacing the item.