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The Copy Chick
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Personally I much prefer email because I can get back to it when I have the time. If I’m in the middle of writing, brainstorming, or some other task that requires my concentration, a phone call is the last thing I need – or want.

I also like time to consider the information so when I’m ready to speak to someone over the phone, I can be prepared and know exactly what I’d like to ask.

When I receive an email query from someone wanting “everything in an email”, I can’t always go into specifics because I don’t have enough information. Instead I’ll give some broad information where possible, but also attach my Project Brief and advise I’ll be able to give far more specific details once I know what their exact needs are. From there I invite them to call or email with any further questions.

Generally the tyre-kickers don’t bother replying (because filling out the form is far too much work) and the genuine prospects who take the time then get precisely the information they need.

I’m sure a similar form could work in your case.

If you don’t get a response, you could follow up with an email asking if they received the information and perhaps you can call them at [specific date/time] to answer any questions they may have.