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Chris’s Signs
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IMO if theres an option to use vinyl…id use vinyl every time…

sometimes magnets have to go on and come off daily, then theres no choice…thats what there designed to do.

they are high maintenance to store off the car and the bigger you go the worse it gets, if you roll them up and something gets put on top of it, they will crack.

You can get a plastic cover to put them into to keep them flat, but rember the size factor.
They will attract little bits of metal and scratch the paint if your not carefull.

as far as price goes, they should be close to the same price at the end of the day.
You get what you pay for, get good quality vinyl and it will last years.

magnets…what if you forgot to take them off one day and came back to your car and there gone…

these are my views only and if you are using magnets on your car thats not a bad thing….