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I just wanted to comment on this post as one of the business owners who has advertised on Big Aussie Giveaway kindly pointed me in it’s direction.

Big Aussie Giveaway is only, well, nearly 3 weeks old and already business owners have seen an increase in 80+ likes on their Facebook profile, with one business gaining an extra 130+ likes! Business owners have seen an increase in interaction on their Facebook profile. See http://www.bigaussiegiveaway.com/successfulday as an example, Cheese & Pickles received some fantastic interaction on their Facebook page on only day 4.

I am genuinely excited about Big Aussie Giveaway. I absolutely love working with Aussie business owners, WAHM’s etc – I have seen nothing but consistently beautiful brands that have been well thought out from logo, web layout and design to product. I really do enjoy it.

I am happy to engage with any business owner on Flying Solo who would like to try out the Big Aussie Giveaway platform in order to see what benefit it can bring to their business. If you have any questions or would like to try it out please contact me on [email protected]. I look forward to hearing from you!