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David@Verve Recruitment, post: 103293 wrote:
Yeah I’d be thinking that too, but that’s a little ambitious isn’t it. If it’s $1 on Jan 1st and $365 December 30th isn’t that an extraordinary price increase – 3650% (my maths could be wrong).

Playing around with pricing makes sense but why charge so high for some random dates. Seems silly to me. Unless of course people are willing to pay the higher amounts.

David, with regards to your comment you make a great point. The reasoning behind the pricing structure is simply that day 1 we would have gained as bigger as a community that we had managed to gain before launch and therefore day 1 was $1. As the year goes on and the momentum builds we will be pushing out daily giveaways to more and more people via e-mail, via Facebook and via Twitter. It did no seem sense to me that we would charge business owners the same, when, further down the scale we would be promoting giveaways to a wider audience of people. So far it is working well. We are only, just under, 3 weeks old and momentum is growing nicely.

I take your point though. I am also interested in the B2B side of things, as per your previous comment. This is something that I am currently looking into.