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David@Verve Recruitment
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BigAussieGiveaway, post: 103332 wrote:
David, with regards to your comment you make a great point.

This is not uncommon. :) Despite what others say. ;)

BigAussieGiveaway, post: 103332 wrote:
The reasoning behind the pricing structure is simply that day 1 we would have gained as bigger as a community….

Yeah I get the reasoning, but I’m surprised by the massive increase. As I say, if people are happy to pay the hundreds of dollars, great, but I’d be thinking that those companies willing to pay $20 may not be willing to pay $300.

To be honest I’m very interested in your business. I have a similar-ish business idea. Similar in some ways, quite different in others, and I think one of the questions I have is how much are businesses willing to pay to advertise / feature themselves for a day. It seems as if there are plenty of companies willing to pay $100+. Actually you have several clients paying $300+ by the look of it. Good for you! I actually find that quite surprising, I didn’t think that companies would so readily hand over their hard earned.

I might have to give some serious thought in getting a business plan and website together for my idea.