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David@Verve Recruitment, post: 103336 wrote:
This is not uncommon. :) Despite what others say. ;)

Yeah I get the reasoning, but I’m surprised by the massive increase. As I say, if people are happy to pay the hundreds of dollars, great, but I’d be thinking that those companies willing to pay $20 may not be willing to pay $300.

To be honest I’m very interested in your business. I have a similar-ish business idea. Similar in some ways, quite different in others, and I think one of the questions I have is how much are businesses willing to pay to advertise / feature themselves for a day. It seems as if there are plenty of companies willing to pay $100+. Actually you have several clients paying $300+ by the look of it. Good for you! I actually find that quite surprising, I didn’t think that companies would so readily hand over their hard earned.

I might have to give some serious thought in getting a business plan and website together for my idea.

LOL@ not uncommon quote.

I completely appreciate what you are saying. I believe in my platform, naturally, and, business owners have received up to 130+ likes on their Facebook page in one 24 hour period, as well as engagement on Facebook and, as a previous poster mentioned 3x sales in one day – which is fantastic. I am working really hard with business owners in order to bring support, advice and ideas to ensure that their giveaway day social media campaign goes as well as possible.

Nevertheless, you are right, on the whole I think that there is a price point that people will be willing to pay. However, the only way that this price point can possibly alter is if the numbers significantly grow. For example, people may be prepared to pay $366 for a giveaway day if they know that there is an audience of 10,000 people, for example. This is a lot more targeted, for online business owners, than advertising in a local newspaper for example, it’s also a lot cheaper.

So, the task remains for me and my team to take this to the next level. I can breath a sigh of relief though, we are 3 weeks old and the foundation that we are building seems to be a positive one.

Now, back to your business idea.. I am intrigued!