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David@Verve Recruitment
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BigAussieGiveaway, post: 103343 wrote:
So, the task remains for me and my team to take this to the next level. I can breath a sigh of relief though, we are 3 weeks old and the foundation that we are building seems to be a positive one.

Yeah, that’s really impressive results for a brand new business. Very positive indeed. Inspirational even.

BigAussieGiveaway, post: 103343 wrote:
Now, back to your business idea.. I am intrigued!

So am I!

I’ve had an idea which has morphed several times and I’m not actually sure where it’s at at the moment. I need to sit down and ask my brain what’s going on, which I’ve been putting off as I’ve been thinking that there are too many websites in the daily deal fields and that mine would be facing too many challenges despite whatever hook I have. However your hook seems to have had yielded great results pretty much instantly.

I think in some ways the easy option would be to launch yet another daily deals site but then you have to worry about sourcing suppliers and striking up deals, and that sounds a little too complicated for me given my other responsibilities and lack of experience in the field. So I’m thinking of something altogether far simpler and would basically be selling advertising much the same as you, but I wouldn’t have the giveaway hook, I’d have another hook, if only I can remember it.