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Hi guys wow thanks for all of the responses.

, yes Google docs is no good on mobile, I find myself using Evernote a lot more, it’s a shame I think they need to improve this. I’ll have to check out the mind mapping ones. I use Lucid Chart a lot, I’m a huge fan, I’m not really 100% sure what mind mapping is and whether or not it can be used for this sort of thing.

they look really cool. I’ve been using Insightly with is a free (although I’m on the paid plan) that is integrated with Google apps. It’s like a little CRM but if I didn’t have that functionality I could see that Wunderlist being really cool. Lazy Meter seems really cool as well! I use Google reader as well but I find I don’t really like it, I’m looking for something more visual actually, I wonder how many people use an RSS reader? I wasn’t planning on looking at browsers just because they all seem to be pretty much on par now but I know lots of people seem to be using Chrome now. Damn google, taking over the world.

, I haven’t really used iCloud that much, mainly just for backing up. I don’t really think it covers the functionality of either dropbox or evernote.

@gissipism thanks for this. logmein on an iPad?

ha I thought you meant Microsoft PowerPoint had to read it a few times lol. I think you need a mac!