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Ditto is a free clipboard that keeps everything you copy and makes it available to paste. Its a difficult concept to describe, but from a productivity standpoint its dynamite. Much quicker than a single item clipboard. Less clicks, and easy to find copied information in a pinch.

A suite of applications allowing use of different machines, retaining all settings and files.

Acronis Trueimage
Disk image, incremental backup, restore to dissimilar hardware (ie new computer) if required.

For android phone users – operate mobile phone via a web browser. The interface is like a computer desktop; icons and windows. Text via keyboard, import and export media, etc. I do a lot of texting for work and find this a lot quicker than trying to use the keypad on the phone.

Liberkey tools
A complete application suite on a USB stick. Auto-updates all apps, and a huge range of software all available from a unified menu.

Everything Search
Believe it or not this app produces instant results (no waiting for file/search results because it uses a different system to Windows indexing, which can be very slow). Very fast method to locate files / documents / images / etc on a hard disk.

I take a lot of screen shots (remote support to computers, web design) and this is one of my all-time favourite apps. Its like the windows 7 snipping tool, but a hell of a lot better. Map it to ‘print screen’ key on the keyboard and its lightning fast, with lots of cool features.

Karens Replicator
I use this to auto copy my Documents folder as a means of backup. For lovers of Dropbox or Box, this would be redundant, but for anyone who ‘forgets’ to regularly back up their essential files, it can be a lifesaver. Once its set up it sits in the system tray faithfully backing up files so that if your hard drive dies everything is kept safe on an external or second hard drive.

Uses an alternative to 7z engine that makes it faster than 7zip for compressing and decompressing files. Same range of great features, just quicker. Handles all popular compression formats – ZIP, RAR, GZ, etc etc etc

Repair tools:

Hiren’s boot CD – bootable repair cd
Sardu – bulk bootable isos in a single disk or bootable USB
Memtest – test physical memory
Magic Jellybean – obtain software keys from a win install
MHDD – repair / test hard disk
CrystalDiskInfo – hard disk SMART info
Techinline – alternative to LogMeIn
KonBoot – boot into any Windows install without a password
GetDataBack – data recovery from damaged filesystems
R-Studio – data recovery from damaged filesystems
WinDirStat – graphical indication of what / where space is being taken up on a hard disk
CCleaner – disk / garbage cleanup
Startup Delayer – allows programs in win startup to be delayed / staggered so that the machine boots more quickly
RKill – kills malware processes, allowing removal
ComboFix – malware removal
MBAM – malware removal
HijackThis – malware removal