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tradr, post: 102457 wrote:
Hi FS Community,

After getting off the phone from the government grant service and getting not even a penny. The local small business service handed me a flyer about ‘How to write a mission statement’, I am wondering if anyone else out there thinks moving to the states would be helpful in your entrepreneurship career?

I am seriously interested to hear your thoughts?



Speaking as someone that used to live in the US I’d say if you are looking to start a business, depending on what that business is, your prospects are still probably better here in OZ. The US is currently in a severe downward spiral that is about to accelerate. Add in health care costs ( I paid 1k every quarter as a self employed individual and that was in 1998!), inflation (possible hyper inflation) and unemployment figures and I think you might find (as I have) that your future is a little brighter here…