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The Infotainer
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when I get my motorcycle serviced I hand over the keys, once I pay I get the keys back

I see no reason to give the keys back if they have not paid

it’s only $150 yes but be strong- you will never survive in any kind of business if they don’t pay, and while not much to me- it might be to you, if it is- stand strong,

I remember doing a kids party in Vaucluse and I was 5 minutes late and they wanted $20 off the price, I said no it was due to bad traffic, They told me that they will tell all their friends that I was a bad entertainer, I told them….
this is the part- chances are all your friends are like you- cheap pay in full or I will tell every single enquiry in Vaucluse that I don’t work that area because of you and I will give them their street address- they paid in full and I still work in Vaucluse all the time

be tough and don’t give up your $150 your sweat your time your hard work

Although do wait- it is a strange time of the year give it until the 21st Jan

If they contact you tell them I would be happy to give back the keys when payment is finlalised this is how the business world works

you get clients and you do lose them