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The Infotainer
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its a good lesson to learn, setting you up for later business, not enjoyable to go through no doubt but later when your running a larger successful business and someone doesn’t want to pay you $3k then you know what to do.

And just remember lawyer or not- if your in the right then she will not want to drag the company she works in into a mess where she is wrong – it will make her look bad and people in officy jobs seriously don’t want to look bad at the office, they fear it.

chances are if she wants to play ugly she might send a real nasty letter and hope you cave in, use the letter as evidence

get your history of working and payments made, she might not have got an invoice, but if your keeping track then the law is on your side.

The cost of driving out there and returning the keys (because you don’t want to mail them) means you get paid first and your right it is the principle