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Hi Victor,
This post will probably throw up a bunch of opinions.

To my mind how Google lists Places is not only unclear but subject to frequent changes and attempts to falsely manipulate its results.

In my opinion (not fact), G is using a website’s natural search ranking as part of its Places ranking algorithm.

Google also seems to be merging website and Places pages in its A-G pins. If I search for, “trade mark attorney melbourne”, my results list you in position E with FB Rice in F.

Your listing title is using the title from your website but FP Rice is displaying the Google Places title not the website title.

What you can do with Places is very limited. For a start you are reliant on G’s business category descriptions.

What search results do you want to be displayed under the “trademark attorney” or “intellectual property lawyer” category? It may be impossible to rank in the pins for both.

Having picked one, target that with your Home page and Places listing. Eg. If you go for the “trademark attorney” category, change your:

a. Home title to: Markwell Trademark Attorneys, Melbourne Australia. Intellectual Property Lawyers, Brand Protection experts.

b. Places page: Markwell Trademark Attorneys

This may get you up the pins ranking a bit. After the simple, quick stuff, go check your Webmaster’s Tools. They include a guide to how important G sees the words “Trademark”, “Attorneys” and “Melbourne”. You may need to work on elevating their importance on your website.