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Careful using keywords in the title, google places a lot of importance on consistency of your details when it comes to places so I wouldn’t use anything other than your business name (it’s also against their terms if they catch you).

I’m writing some posts on my blog about this at the moment. My summary would be:

1. Focus on the authority of your site by link building
2. Make sure your address and name is exactly the same in places as it is in other directories (and make sure it’s added to other directories)
3. Make sure your places listing is competed in full (give them every bit of information they ask for)
4. Build reviews into your business processes (get customers to review your business on Google and on other sites that feed into google like true local)

I find this places thing a real pain in the ar*e along with all the other things google is doing to push down natural results but it’s all for a good cause (Google’s profits)