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Re: Why SEO is a big fat lie – and what about Google Plus?

Hi WW2010,

I don’t know if SEO will be irrelvant anytime soon – but yes, the value of current SEO will drop and social SEO will rise.

BUT – how many people are using Google Plus? Which I assume is what Google will be using for social SEO proof?

At this stage I don’t see how Google Plus will beat facebook without a paradigm shift.
Microsoft beat IBM when the focus went from mainframe to PC.
Apple beat Microsoft when the focus went from PC to portable.
How will Google Plus beat facebook? Maybe years and years of chipping away – but it will be many years before the tipping point!

I beleive Google Plus “may” be the start of the end for Google!
Googple Plus looks like a very well designed and engineered product – but – for the majority of people who struggle to attach pictures to emails – the extra complexity of circles may be too great for them to switch.
Possibly if Android ends up being the dominant phone/tablet OS the excellent integration may sway the balance.
It will be interesting to see from a marketing point of view what Google does.