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What a headline!

I’m not going to talk about SEO, cos my opinion and Google’s opinion on organic search rankings is a perfect match. “Who cares, have you heard of Adwords?” this mindset is the reason why Google doesn’t provide a dedicated team to answer your interesting SEO questions, even when the odd time they do, the answer is coming in an email from a third world country. Now if you compare this with Adwords, some businesses have their own Google Adwords manager, that you can call directly when you have an Adwords questions, if you are not a big business, still, there’s a hot line for Adwords :)

If Google doesn’t care about it’s organic results and love to flood serps with ads, maps, videos, product feeds etc….. should we really care?

I wish there was a better search engine, but the reality is Google Search still is the best, social will never catch up to what Google Search can do, with or without Google+ organic search is just the tip of the ice berg :) There’s million dollars going into Adwords research every year for Google to keep the SEM dominance.