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Matt Rankin, post: 103131 wrote:
I would like to suggest that there are a lot of people that don’t understand search engine optimisation, and many of these are selling SEO services. This does the whole IT industry a discredit.
Ain’t that the truth.

Today I had a USA SEO “expert” send a prospecting audit of a client’s site saying they were missing out on these search numbers for 3 search phrases each month:

Pool covers = 18,100 searches per month
Spa pumps = 1,600 searches per month
Chlorinators = 590 searches per month
Total = 20,290 searches per month

In fact, the numbers quoted are for “broad” search terms. If they had quoted “exact” search phrase numbers AND factored in a research based click through rate estimate, the numbers of searches missed is less then 5.

20,000 searches become 5 missed searches! Can you believe the magnitude of the deception?

Are these people incompetent or are they intentionally offering deceptive information to scare up business?

Caveat emptor