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JamesMillar, post: 103424 wrote:
I was wondering if any of the experts here could comment on the value / strength of a number 1 organic google rating versus a number 1 google Adwords presence. Obviously the GA has a campaign cost related to the industry demand for that space whereas the organic postion is more SEO based.

Which one is more valuable from a sales perspective in generating click throughs? I expect it would be the organic rating 1 position because I’ve seen it generate better results with some of our businesses than the GA campaigns. I personally never use to click on the GA paid ads but increasingly I am (is this the general trend?)

If the number 1 organic position is more value than the GA position then clearly SEO is a priority.

It all depends on what you consider value.
PPC can convert like crazy if you are doing something like capture lead, where you really need to know how much is one lead worth.. to then do the balance of investment vs leads .

With organic, I believe you build more branding , more “natural” visitors and based on some of my clients data…. organic traffic tends to “bounce” less than pay traffic.

just my 2 cents. (but I’m not very objective keep in mind ^_^ )