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JamesMillar, post: 103424 wrote:
I was wondering if any of the experts here could comment on the value / strength of a number 1 organic google rating versus a number 1 google Adwords presence. Obviously the GA has a campaign cost related to the industry demand for that space whereas the organic postion is more SEO based.
Hi James,
Many studies suggest there is synergy with combining SEO and PPC campaigns. The bottom line seems to be that every case is different.

This article does not answer your specific question but does give some examples of relevance to the issue:

Should You Bid On A Keyword If You Rank Organically For That Term?

“In many cases, it is worth buying keywords even if you rank organically for them. Just create a simple experiment following the steps outlined above. If your total profits are higher when you are buying the same keywords, then keep buying them. If your profits are lower (and you are not buying words for other reasons), then do not buy them. It really is that simple…

Just remember, don’t just think about what you should or should not do: test your hypothesis and let the numbers tell the story.”