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David@Verve Recruitment
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Hi Lucy,

Yeah very nice website for $500. You can’t go wrong really, if it doesn’t pan out at the very least you’ve got yourself some great experience.

Are you welcoming constructive criticism? If so, please read on, if not please stop now! You’ve been warned.

I think the clear benefit of using ebay is that it has buyers there. It is the default online auction site. There are other auction sites, like Oztion, and I think they are / were free, or at least to post listings.

I’d be thinking that your key issue will be in convincing sellers to join your site, not just because of the costs involved but because of the time that’s involved in listing items. In our business we’ve been offered free listings of job adverts on some online job boards but at the end of the day there’s no point in doing that when it’s very unlikely to yield results. Sure there won’t be a financial cost but there will be a time cost. As such, we stick with the market leaders in online job boards, Seek. When you go fishing, you have to go where the fishes are. One of their sales people said that to me, I do tend to agree.

I’d be thinking that you should waive the monthly fee, for at least the first 3 to 6 months, and make contact with regular ebay sellers via ebay (if you’re allowed to). I’d also be thinking that you can scale the costs. If they sell under $300 worth a month, it’s free, if more than $300 they pay $10 a month, more than $1000 they pay $30. Or just have free listings, free (or low cost) options, and charge a very low percentage for each sale. Or something like that.

Free is good, but it’s not necessarily required. People will pay if it works, and if it doesn’t work then they won’t spend their time on it. Don’t worry about the money for now, that can be introduced later on. Concentrate on offering an unarguably great solution, and let your clients love what you do.

That’s what we try to do.