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JohnW, post: 102657 wrote:
Hi Wendy,
I’m not clear on the details of your site.

I don’t understand this statement in particular, “The new site is going to be built within the existing site”.

Here is where the biggest SEO problems occur in most shopping cart sites:

Step 1: Avoid duplicate or very similar content.
This is a perennial trap for shopping cart sites. So many of them provide limited information about their products or copy/paste information from their supplier’s site. I’ve seen examples where there are thousands of pages that contain the same or similar information.

Hi John
Thanks for your reply.

I must admit I am not sure of the mechanics as the web developer is doing it. It will have its own url but will be contained within the same content management system and use the same shopping cart and forms etc.

I have deliberately avoided using the suppliers’ descriptions and individually type a different description for every product we sell. Not the most exciting job but it is good to hear you confirm that I am not wasting my time doing it. Although you are making me think about double checking our mens skin care category, because if there is an area where I may have used some of the suppliers wording it would have been there. And we don’t rank very highly in that area so that may be why!

So retaining the products on both the current site and the new site for a while may not be a good thing?

Thanks again John.