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CG, post: 102708 wrote:
Is anyone with a retail cash micro-business using CoWorker? The testimonials on their site look good but it’s hard to find any elsewhere (‘co-worker’ brings up too many irrelevant hits in Google).

I do need pay-roll but not invoicing or inventory, just tracking of income and expenses for quarterly GST.

Have been using a trial Saasu account and have found it good for payroll, but the rest of it seems more complex than I need or can handle. As CoWorker requires annual payment up-front, I’m wary that it may be no simpler. Is there any user of it here who could give me feedback on it?

I’ve heard off and used SaaSu which is great. First I hear of the other one, will most certainly have a look :-)

If you’re not set on online accounting than perhaps our solution can help – it is made for exactly this purpose and you elect to use (and pay for) only the features you need (for example payroll – yes/invoicing – no etc)

You might even find some testimonials (good and bad) in flying-solo.

Good luck.