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berniem, post: 102735 wrote:
So, I’m looking for an email host. My webpage is a wordpress.com site and my domain names are managed by CrazyDomains.

So I’m keen to set up an email account for my new business (flourish yoga & wellbeing) but am not sure what to look for in email hosting.

So here’s my wish list:
1. I want to be able to have multiple addresses (although probably only 2-3) (eg. [email protected])

2. I want to be able to forward them to my regular email address so I know when something has come in

3. I want it to have a webmail interface so I can reply from that email address from anywhere

Everyone seems to offer those things – is it simplest to go with CrazyDomains or doesn’t it really matter?

What else should I be looking for? I’m hoping to start an e-newsletter and so will also need to be able to manage that but perhaps that is easier done from mailchimp or something similar???

Help please!

Many thanks,


flourish yoga & wellbeing

Hi Bernie,

Some people like to keep their domains and web hosting services separate. It boils down to your own preference. To answer your questions:

1.) Multiple email addresses shouldn’t be a problem. When signing up for an email hosting plan, make sure that it states the number of email accounts that can be created.

2.) Forwarding emails can be done through a control panel such as cPanel. You can opt to receive emails to both email accounts.

3.) If a web host is offering email hosting, they may include Roundcube, Squirrelmail and Horde which are webmail interfaces.

Also when you’re setting up email accounts on Outlook or Mac Mail, I highly recommend using IMAP over POP3 :)