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Matt Rankin
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JohnW, post: 103151 wrote:
Amen to that brother Rankin,
Add to that copy/pasting slabs of content, autoblogging, etc.

IMHO, quick fix link building schemes will become almost irrelevant or downright dangerous.

Just to carry on this discussion point, I do actually use junk backlinks to great advantage, but never, ever point them anywhere near your money site!

For me, I have 3 tiers when link building. Lots of junk backlinks (level 3 links) back to page with a little bit of semi-relevant content (level 2 links). These elvel 2 links then point at Web 2.0 properties (level 1 links) with original, fully relevant content, and I generally have anywhere between 4 and 12 of these sites.

Lastly the Web 2.0 properties only link back to my money site.

This works a treat, but duplicate content along the way will still cause some issues. As such I use a hand written article with some serious spintax in it.