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Matt Rankin
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Aidan, post: 103282 wrote:
There’s that spinning thing mentioned again – quick everyone jump up and down and start hollering!

Matt – I liked your post and I’ve seen that approach work well many times, even for quite competitive keywords in the US market. I don’t know how much longer that might be the case though, particularly if spun articles are used to populate the various levels.

Personally I believe that Google is getting very good at determining articles are spun versions of others so the spin quality now needs to be really really good, good to the point of invisible! A re-write if you will.

Folks round here can sometimes get real excited about the spinning word but as I’ve said on other occassions it can still work if its done REALLY well.

Just to be clear, I am not talking about the normal rubbish many services produce… but rather about content that reads well and cannot be determined to be a spin/re-write.


I agree with your point, the spun article must not look like a spun article. For that reason I have spin my articles myself. As I’m not spinning my web 2.0 content (that’s always original text 500+ words), I am aiming for about a 300 word article. Once written, I go through it and replace any words phrases that I can whilst maintaining a grammatically correct article regardless of how it gets spun.

Here’s an example of the title I used for spinning an article for my own site:

{How important is SEO Optimisation?|Is SEO Optimisation important?|SEO Optimisation, is it important?|Why is SEO Optimisation important?|What is the importance of SEO Optimisation?|Why should you care about SEO Optimisation?|SEO Optimisation, why should you care?|SEO Optimisation you should care, here’s why}

When spinning it is rare that I can change out once word, I usually have to change out a phrase or sometimes an entire sentence.

So I agree with your point that spinning has to be done VERY well, but that’s exactly what I do.