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JMB, post: 102711 wrote:
Thanks a million!
Really appreciate your feedback and hope you don’t mind if I keep in touch. Any advice or pointers gratefully received. It’s been a challenge visually communicating all of the features – functionality, design, luxury – at a realistic price. What to focus on?! No doubt I’m not alone.

Not sure if I can help you out at some point, but hopefully. Checked your site too. Pretty swish so I’ll take your complement!

All the best!


As neddy pointed out, gift fairs are a really good way to get out there. After doing a trade show animation/installation for my friend with a clothing label, I saw that trade shows are an incredible resource for the up and coming looking to get stocked.
That said, I can’t stress how valuable it is to have a picture of a celebrity holding/wearing one of your products. You are pretty much guaranteed print exposure with that.:D Schmooze time!