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Matt Rankin
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great looking site, although looks a little too much like eBay. If it does become successful I would expect to be hearing from eBay regarding using their design on your site.

No doubt your biggest challenge is going to be attracting huge amounts of traffic (both buyers and sellers). If you don’t already have an advertising budget, it may be time to think about one.

I would also recommend looking for a hook – as an eBay seller since 1999 myself, why would I want to signup on your site and sell there instead? Create an incentive for seller/buyers and ensure it’s on the front page.

Right now your trends widget in the sidebar would entice me to leave – only 13 items, none upcoming. I would hide this for now, and add a new widget in the top left side above the Services section with 3 or 4 points about why I should register right now.

Also, as soon as I click on the bar at the top which tells me I haven’t registered, I am asked for my date of birth, but also present with the terms which currently read “Terms and agreement content can be edited by modifying the registrationterms.html file within the templates folder.”. To be honest, if I wasn’t going to leave your site before, I am now seriously considering it. It is imperative that you present your site as 100% professional before you launch.

On the same note also edit your news section.

Great start overall, but there are a few things which you will need to work on to attract new users in my opinion.