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Keepsakes Design, post: 102731 wrote:
Hi Carl

The referral system sounds good too me! I saw your direct marketing in a box post on linkedIn; are you offering mailing lists too? I would love to find out more!

Best wishes


Hi Jackie,

Yes we will be. One of the concepts will be a subscription based direct mail service, where you can nominate your monthly spend and have a certain number of letters sent. There will then be options for different investment levels, such as stock choice, mailing lists, inserts and so on.

Ok, based on the feedback, I will push more for the referral option. I guess what I need is a reason for the printer to refer to me, that’s why I thought of a referral payment. Perhaps I can offer some sort of discount for their customers, as well as the offer of a free mailout for them to their own customers/prospects. This way they can have confidence in the service we offer first hand, and have an additional reason to offer it to their customers.