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blueman, post: 102767 wrote:
What I need now though is a recommendation for a free or cheap DIY site building service that is easy to use and I can learn from to build a professional looking website

Hi Blueman,
In the past I have used a ‘sitebuilder’ offered by SmartyHost – it’s definitely easy to use, and they offer several packages (depending on how many pages and features you need) that determines the cost. Their packages are here.

They have a reasonable range of templates to select from and ‘building’ the site is not much different to typing up the content in a Word doc of similar. There are some restrictions though – such as customising headers/banners, which you would need to have them do for you. (They are pretty reasonable in providing assistance once you have a package with them, and pretty quick most of the time).

I tend to agree that having one designed for you will produce a better result – but, to ‘get started’ the Smartyhost ones seem ok… you can always upgrade to custom built down the track!

Best of luck,