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Dane Pymble
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blueman, post: 102767 wrote:
Hi all,

I’ve recently found this forum and so glad I have! Im in the process of starting my own business working for myself, and as with most new starts Im short on time and money and have LOTS of things happening all at once :P I figured you guys might be able to offer me some advice based on your experiences and help me out so that my business can thrive and I may be able to help others down the track :)

Firstly, Banking! I want to know who has low fees for a small sole operator business. I want to be able to have an online merchant service so I can run credit cards through without a swiping machine.

Secondly, online prescence! I’ve made a bit of a mess of this (not knowing anything about it!) and want to try and get it sorted out for myself based on some of your advice if possible so I can learn from the whole experience. If not perhaps someone here can help me out at a reasonable cost? Here is the situation so far – I signed up with the current deal between MYOB and Google (gettingbusinessonline.com.au) for a free website and hosting and not too impressed with the basic website they provide (surprise surprise :P). Since then I have purchased a similar and preferred domain with crazy domains and signed up for a hosting plan with Servers Australia. I plan to redirect the MYOB domain to my new domain and eventually cancel the service with gettingbusinessonline. What I need now though is a recommendation for a free or cheap DIY site building service that is easy to use and I can learn from to build a professional looking website and emails for my new domain from crazydomains which will be hosted with Servers Australia. Im still waiting for some artwork from my designer so I wont be ready to put the site up for a few weeks yet, but would like to have most of the content in place and do the final design work at the end.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer :)

Hi Blueman, welcome to the forum!

In addressing your first question, it just so happens I have just completed an article on Business Banking you may find of interest – http://www.smallbusinesswizardry.com/2012/business-banking/

The are a whole host of web designers/developers in the Flying Solo Directory & I am sure many will post in this thread so take your pick there. The key is not necessarily to find the cheapest but the one that in your eyes best understands what your business is about as they will be best able to bring out what you really want people to see on your site.

I am always happy to help people starting small businesses so if you have any questions at all feel free to private message me and I can always help point you in the right direction.

Best of luck with your business!