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There is a way of claiming the increased interest from removing the cash in the offset account – and that is to consider you are loaning that cash to the business. A loan agreement would be made between you personally and the business which stipulates how interest is to be calculated, when payments are to be made and for how long. This works for any business structure.

This will allow you to purchase your franchise, and you’ll also have your personal savings repaid over time.

I don’t beleive you would need to restructure your home loan if you are just using the cash in the offset account. Most banks require 2 years of business financials before they’ll lend to someone in business for themselves, so I’m not if you’d be able to restructure it if you wanted to anyways.

Bear in mind though, that while the increased interest is classified a deduction in the company’s accounts, it will be considered income in your personal return and you’ll be taxed on it. If the homeloan is in joint names, then the interest income will need to be split between both people and included in their tax returns.