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David@Verve Recruitment
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Cjay, post: 102998 wrote:

Here’s another option. Basically through this advertising method you can ‘bid’ for the banner space, so for x amount you can display what you want for that day, and so on. Advertising is based then on a market basis, which means you can be generating income from very early on if someone is perhaps willing to advertise on your space for a very small amount. As your site gets more traffic others might outbid the current advertiser driving up the revenue.

I’ve seen it work quite well.

How would you go about creating a website in which clients can auction bid for advertising space on that specific site? Would there be a specific software package that would make that possible, or is it something that most website designers could incorporate?

And when you say you’ve seen it work quite well, what kind of revenue would be possible / probable. I had a look at Bigaussiegiveaway.com earlier today after it was mentioned on another FS thread, and although it sells some advertising for $300+ a day, other FS users have quoted far lower costs.