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gossipism, post: 102829 wrote:
now now, no need to get nasty.

i dont see my post as any different to this.

I’m not getting nasty sorry if it came across that way I’m just offering my opinion. I’m not having a go at you personally in fact I’ve done similar things myself before and I’ve had threads deleted by the admins.

This isn’t within the forum guidelines from what I’ve been told. They are happy to have people pointed to an article that supports a current discussion but starting a new one with the sole purpose of pointing them to content (even if it’s very useful content) is not within the rules. I know there are examples of it but if they notice it my experience is they will remove it (politely). And this is just providing good free information, not even asking people to sign up first.

I think if you are asking people to sign up for something I see that the intent is for you to promote your business and build a list. If you were just keen to give people some good information then I was suggesting to just give it away for free. No nastiness I promise.

As for my flyer thread I’m missing the connection here. That was a thread asking for help how is that in any way similar to this? That’s precisely what the forum is for.

But no doubt there are posts on here where I have commented about my articles and ebooks etc, perhaps my experience is helpful to you perhaps not.