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David@Verve Recruitment
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JamesMillar, post: 102974 wrote:
David I think you’ve raised a great point. Internet marketing advisory services are still generally relatively expensive for many SME’s to commit to and we hope to change that in 2012.

I’ve only spoken with a couple of SEO sales people. One was a very nice young lady, gushing about how the service will revolutionise our business, with a very excited, and convincingly successful tone, clearly ecstatic with the success that she’s bestowed upon her clients during her 3 weeks of experience in the industry (ok, i’m being a little facetious), yet with no clue about our business, our clients and what we’re looking for. How could she possibly be so confident of success in the first instance? It’s just a sales pitch based on hyperbole and generalised, irerrelevant statistics. And when combined with high subscription fees which would necessitate a high success rate just to break even the whole thing quickly becomes pointless.

Creating a facebook, G+ or what have you page is free, so any advice that’s paid for really ought to offer value. Charging the earth in and of itself does not make something valuable.

I think the SEO experts are doing what most other professionals do and exploiting the lack of knowledge that most business owners have. By calling oneself an expert, and charging a high fee, and making big claims, suddenly you’re an expert. Forgive me, I appear to be a little sceptical today.

JamesMillar, post: 102974 wrote:
Our objective this year is to offer cost effective bundled solutions which include professional SEO and GA support (amongst other methods). These solutions will form part of some of our business accounting and advisory packages and business owners can feel comfortable knowing that we have acquired the best talent at the best price.

Just make it cheap and easy and you’ll attract small businesses that otherwise would be too scared, and/or too budget restricted to pay an expert for such things. The SEO sales people made it sound oh so simple, and everyone and their dog has a facebook page so why are we being charged so much. Doesn’t make sense.

JamesMillar, post: 102974 wrote:
We hope to get every client exposed to Web marketing by the end of 2012 and it needs to be simple and affordable for that to happen.

Sure does. Good luck with it. Once you’ve got things sorted we’ll be glad to have a sales pitch, or email, either or. Personally I like to chat these things over rather than having to trawl through an over generalised email, especially with technical things. My brain hurts quite easily with technical things.

And if you want a simple and affordable recruitment solution, let me know.