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The Copy Chick
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Hi Erjon,

I’ve just had a quick peek at your site and I had to dig a little before I found any really good information about how you could help ME! I had to click through on the ‘order’ button to find that information – but I’d be unlikely to order without knowing what was involved/included first.

That information was actually quite good once I got there… but I think you need to make that accessible to potential clients BEFORE you expect them to click on a link that says order.

As far as getting in touch with potential new clients, are you involved with any local business groups (like the Chamber of Commerce, or similar)? This could be a good way to make your name known in your local community and many of these kinds of groups refer each other if they hear of someone needing a particular service.

This may also give you the opportunity to give a talk, or run a short workshop in your community which is a great way to build connections.

It would also be worth making your social media icons easier to find so people can more easily connect (I eventually found your Twitter feed, but there was no icon – I had to follow an @ link in a tweet).

Hope that gives you a few ideas to start with.

Anna :)