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David@Verve Recruitment
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Tiggerito, post: 102909 wrote:
The last time I was looking for work I just walked into businesses and ask to meet someone that was relevant.

I got a job. And a year later another company I walked into called me :-)

That personal touch and show of effort could help you get in the door, leave a card and maybe get you at the top of the list when they need a designer.

Yep this approach makes a lot of sense, if that is, it is practical.

The other option would be to do targeted telemarketing to those relevant firms in the local area, but I can well imagine that a personal handshake will get you over the line. It sounds like you’re only after a few more clients, and telemarketing generally works better with larger markets – it is, afterall, a numbers game.

Get a new pair of shoes and head off out there. Best of luck.