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I think the flyer would work a whole lot better with some clearly defined focus.
It does not really have a good hierarchy. Great flyers pull the reader in with one clearly defined statement (be that a visual or sentence). This is then explained in more detail through a nice neat use of copy. It doesn’t matter how small this is, but it should be legible and consistently set typographically.
Once you’ve said all you need to say (and no more) you need to sign off with a whacking great call-to-action.

So, think about what the purpose of this piece is. Is it introduction to the business? A promotion for new deal? Brand building? all of these?

You need to shape this so that your reader clearly understands at a glance what is where. “There is the logo” “there is the SINGLE proposition” “there is the explanation in some paragraphs” “there are some testimonials” “THERE is the call to action and contact”. None of this is really that obvious in your current design without careful study.

One more simple thing, Don’t be afraid to do it all one sided, use intriguing images (you can buy them cheap) – maybe a whole image on one side with your logo as a brand piece and the entire explanation on the back.
Sometimes images that communicate your business benefit (happiness, peace of mind, geek-love) are better than dusty old stock of IT stuff.
Get a designer. Someone who can communicate what you want your business to say through style – the message needs to work in a millisecond, don’t assume people have time (or inclination) to read all about you. They don’t. But keep it neat in case they want to.

Hope that helps and not hinders.

By the way, I know a great designer ;)