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Shaukat Adam Khalid
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ouch :p

How about doing a “revese squeeze”? Share some of the info here and then ask for the email address to get the rest and ongoing tips/checklists/what not.

you will get fewer people but more active and qualified. quality is the name of the game. if you get no sign ups, it’s because you are doing it it the wrong place (probably is) or that the information is not content rich.

On a side note, whatever you are giving away, make sure that you can sell it for at least $47 and people can see the value.

gossipism, post: 102829 wrote:
now now, no need to get nasty.

i dont see my post as any different to this.

only real thing i can see is that i tell people in advance, so if they dont want it, dont sign up.

funnily enough, i signed up to your site AND downloaded your ebook and didnt say squat cuz i knew exactly why you were doing it.