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gossipism, post: 102832 wrote:
only sign up if the subject matter has relevance to you.

if it does, great, and with your email address, i will send you similar content to what you’ve requested, helping you out and your business

if and when the time comes to offer a service or product that is paid, you will be notified as well (most likely discounted).

otherwise, if there is no interest in social media, dont worry about it :)

Thanks for the answer. I really didn’t know what you required the email for. Of course, now that it is clear, I may join your mailing list as the informations you would send me are relevant.

I was just wondering if my email address would end up in a database for spammers or something similar, but if it will stay only in a personal list sending me interesting contents I am fine with it.

Thanks again for explaining.