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David@Verve Recruitment
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Michael 2012, post: 102979 wrote:
Hi Everyone
A little bit about us.
We are a Melbourne based couple who over the last 10 years whilst both working full time and raising two kids have had our own business running on the side . This year is to be different, we have set the date of the end of 2012 to be our last time being employed by others. We are currently ramping up our online sporting goods business with idea of expanding into a few unique areas we have noticed over the years. And even with our hands full with this we are starting up a transport company focusing on the earthmoving industry, hoping to take possession of our first truck in April. Looking forward to your ideas and helping people with our ideas along the way.
Michael & Kendra

I met someone once who started their earth moving equipment in a genius way.

They had no capital, no experience, no business plan.

They put an advert in the Yellow Pages, got lots of enquiries, so then had faith that there was a business there, went ahead and developed a successful business. Cool as a cucumber.

Still, earth moving equipment is a far cry from sports equipment, isn’t it.

I’ve thought that earth moving equipment businesses are essentially a low infrastructure cost business. You just need a slab of concrete and plop some machines on it, hire some experienced sales staff and you’re done. I might be simplifying things a little.